Outdoor Facilities...

The Fulforth Centre offers a range of outdoor facilities such as:

MUGA - all weather outdoor arena. The Muga comes with flood lightening and secure fencing all the way round.

Outside Gym - Our outside gym has a range of exercise equipment for all ages.

Table tennis / ping pong tables - Out the back of the Fulforth centre we  offer table tennis tables, bats and balls can be hired from inside the centre.

Jubilee Park - A selection of different park equipment, slides, roundabout, climbing frame plus lots more

Equipment for all ages.

Outdoor Picnic Area - The Jubilee park offers benches and tables to enjoy outdoor picnics or bring along a blanket and sit on thew greenery space we have available.

Community Garden - The community garden is looked after by volunteers, the garden is a fabulous place to come and enjoy peace and quiet along with admiring the work that has been put into it.

Woodland Walk - Take a walk through the woodlands surrounding The Fulforth Centre. Take in the scenery, walks available to all including dogs.

Fulforth Centre Park
Outdoor exercise equipment
Jubilee statue